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5 April 2017

This announcement contains inside information and is required to be issued pursuant to the Market Abuse Regulation.

The Ottoman Fund Limited: Market Update

The Ottoman Fund Limited (“the Company”) has settled all claims with its former finance director, who embezzled money from several of the Company s Turkish subsidiaries. The former finance director has transferred the shares in Mandalina registered in his name to the Company, discontinued all litigation against the Company and repaid $250,000 of the embezzled money. The Company in turn has agreed to discontinue all litigation against the embezzler. This development should enable the Company to make a final distribution and wind up the Ottoman structure. The timing of a future announcement concerning the amount and timing of the distribution will largely depend on BDO’s review of Mandalina’s records for tax and other issues as well as the Company s payment of various obligations. The Company cannot now predict when this review will be completed or any future distributions but will keep the market apprised of material developments.


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